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As a man ages, a frightening fact glares him in the eye – his natural muscle levels are bound to drop like a rock unless he does something about it.
test max nutrition

testmax nutrition program

…and in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 40-60 years, you’re probably already well aware that men naturally produce a chemical that’s responsible for building muscle, burning fat, maintaining alertness, and simply put – being a man.

The younger a man is, the higher his natural energy levels are. When you’re young, your nutrition habits don’t play nearly as much of a role in your muscle building as when you get a little “past your prime”. Older men, especially those who are over age 40, often times simply accept living with lower levels of this fat-burning, muscle building chemical.

The sad truth is, many men over age 40 simply “throw in the towel” and let them self go in a fit of defeat unaware of a few simple habits they can integrate into their day to day life to enhance the way they look and feel.

But, what if you knew of a proven system to help men over age 40 boost energy levels naturally and get a muscular body from following a simple and delicious nutrition plan that feeds the male body the proper building blocks to function at it’s prime?

Enter TestMax Nutrition by Clark Bartram.

In a nutshell, TestMax Nutrition is probably best described as a simple and unique meal plan system to help men over age 40 achieve a lean and muscular body by optimizing the #1 male chemical.

TestMax Nutrition is intended to help optimize male energy levels by increasing energy production and suppressing female energy production. Anyone who wishes to avoid costly and potentially dangerous injections and also avoid a host of low-quality and dubious supplements should at least consider using Clark Bartram’s simple-to-follow and safe nutritional approach to optimizing the male endocrine system.

Even someone who has little or no experience with fitness can benefit from the TestMax Nutrition program. Men who simply don’t understand much about nutrition and the effects different foods have on the male body will benefit immensely from the TestMax Nutrition program.

To put it simply, if you’re a man over age 40 looking for a clear-cut, no questions asked, proven nutrition plan to build and maintain muscle while burning fat, Clark Bartram’s got your back with his TestMax Nutrition program.

Who Is Clark Bartram?

clark bartram test max nutritionClark Bartram is a nutritionist who specializes in helping men over the age of 40 get in shape, and stay in shape. Keeping body fat levels low and lean muscle mass up are not easy tasks due to the aforementioned decrease in energy levels.

Being a man “over the hill” himself, Bartram understands first hand how difficult looking good at middle age can be. Over the course of many years Clark Bartram studied and logged his nutritional habits and the effects they had on his body. From Clark’s personal journal, experience, and professional research, the idea of TestMax Nutrition was born.

As you may have already seen, Bartram shares a lot of his ideas on his YouTube channel, a channel that boasts over 4 million subscribers. The massive volume of subscribers has led to Clark Bartram becoming the number one followed YouTube host covering the topic of nutrition for men over the age of 40.

Clark Bartram’s status as a media figure is nothing to ignore. In today’s competitive world, there’s no chance he’d have attained so many followers if he did not have helpful and interesting advice to offer. 

What Makes TestMax Nutrition Different?

The TestMax Nutrition program is intended to create the “perfect energy production environment” to burn off body fat while simultaneous build lean muscle mass. Far too many supplements on the market completely neglect the root cause of the deterioration of man body over time, which is lack of quality food.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, your body is literally made up of the foods you consume, so if you aren’t feeding your body with the right “building blocks”, it’s no wonder your body is storing fat and not building the muscle you desire. Often times what we see in today’s fast paced marketplace are “quick fix” supplements that are stuffed with stimulants and other chemicals designed to give desperate men quick results that requires little or no effort. These magic-pill esque supplements typically rely on caffeine and other stimulants to burn body fat, while completely neglecting the root cause of the problem, lack of quality nutrition. Sure supplements can work, and they help a man burn fat or build muscle, but they should not be the first and only line of defense against body fat or to achieve a lean and healthy body – supplements alone aren’t going to do the trick.

TestMax Nutrition offers men over 40 a nutritional roadmap to acquiring an attractive and healthy body that allows for real and sustainable results that can last a lifetime.

Nearly endless amounts of scientific research and time-tested anecdotal evidence was taken into account when coming up with the food choices and ingredients in the TestMax Nutrition system. Clark’s nutrition program was specifically crafted with busy men in mind, and the food choices included won’t break the bank. Not too many middle aged men have endless amounts free time on their hands to craft complicated and expensive meals day in and day out. The selections in TestMax Nutrition are easy to put together, and they’re sure to keep your taste buds happy.

Life Carries On and Gets in the Way

Yes, low energy plays a major role in gaining unwanted weight. Other factors do add to the difficulty in maintaining a good physique. Busy lives and busy schedules make getting to the gym and eating right difficult even among those who do want to make a change. Others simply have no idea about what to do to change a diet for the better. TestMax Nutrition provides a decent solution to the inability to eat right. The simplicity of the food choices definitely is an assist to those on a busy schedule.

The 3 Phases of TestMax Nutrition

There are three things present in the overall TestMax Nutrition program that contribute greatly to the results sought. 
One, an entire week’s worth of food should be able to be cooked in an hour. Yes, in sixty minutes, all the meals for the rest of the week should be ready. Bodybuilders follow this approach for a very good reason. Like anyone else, they are busy people and do need to eat specific meals with specific nutrients. Setting aside an hour on a Sunday afternoon to prepare meals while football plays on the television in the background can be a lot of fun. Once all the meals are made, they are ready to go for the week. No meals need to be missed.

testmax nutrition meal plan

Second, all the food choices must support male energy production. Without chemical increasing properties, the meals are not going to be able to do what they are being purchased for. The TestMax Nutrition system points out the required food choices needed for enhancing energy levels.

Third, the foods should also help block feminine energy. Too much female energy can cause a lot of problems for a male. Foods that aid in blocking female energy are necessary when eating food that ups male energy levels.

The Three Major Phases of TestMax Nutrition

Good things with TestMax Nutrition come in three’s as there is a trio important phases to the program:
Body Detox
Male Energy Optimization and Recharging
Embrace the TestMax Lifestyle

The effects of nutritional changes do not occur overnight. The first two phases of TestMax Nutrition involve allowing the body to experience the benefits of the new program. Changes to energy levels are going to occur when attempting to boost them through nutrition. Undergoing 90 days of the diet should assist with a gradual approach to new improvements. The final phase reflects an expertise with making the right meals and maintaining all the results.

The Total Package

Consumers do get a lot with their purchase. The complete package of items in the TestMax Nutrition program includes high-quality recipes to help build male energy, managing a shopping budget, making changing in lifestyle choices to enhance energy, various videos on cooking and training, and a mobile app designed to support consistent access to the system.

The TestMax Nutrition Limited Time Discount Offer

A special 50% off limited time special is now available for the first 500 men who order TestMax Nutrition. A host of bonus specials are also included with the purchase price for free. The bonuses include a test-boosting food catalog, a portion control guide, and the Kick-Star recipe guide. All of this can be acquired now for just $97 making TestMax Nutrition a fantastic deal.

testmax nutrition program